Why we’re different

The customer service model for Precise Pharmacy has two distinct, but related pathways. The first model recognizes the client receiving pharmaceutical care as a customer deserving of high quality service. The second model acknowledges that the staff and managers at the care facilities are also customers of Precise Pharmacy and must similarly receive high quality customer service.

For the client receiving pharmaceutical care, there is an understanding that their health-related issues are specific to them and we at Precise Pharmacy will work to ensure that our pharmaceutical care services are tailored to their individual needs.

The client or their recognized representative can both access qualified staff and have most of their issues resolved quickly and effectively over the phone. For those issues that require a more in-depth analysis, the client or their representative will have access to a pharmacist.

The client will be the recipient of medications that have been provided to them using the latest of prescription processing technology as part of a complete pharmacy service package. While this certainly includes the packaging of prescription medication in individual labelled packets, for clients in care it also means having MAR sheets with the client’s colour picture to reduce the possibility of new or part-time staff administering the incorrect medication and having a client’s non-prescription medications included in the above mentioned labelled packets for ease of administration.

For the facility staff and managers receiving customer service from Precise Pharmacy, we are committed to working with the staff and managers as a partner in providing seamless care to their clients. Potential barriers to seamless care are actively pursued and addressed.

For both of the customer service models detailed above, Precise Pharmacy acts on any suggestions, complaints, and requests to ensure that our models evolve through a process of continued quality assurance.