Performance Standards

As with most organizations, the purpose of performance standards is to communicate expectations. At Precise Pharmacy, we believe that good performance involves more than simply being technically proficient. Thus, you will notice that our philosophy around performance standards also includes behaviours and characteristics of being a good corporate citizen.

Leadership: We actively pursue new ways to deliver pharmaceutical care whether through technological advances, medical discoveries, and stakeholder feedback with the understanding that we will be working to make what we do today obsolete tomorrow.

  • Adapts to change without loss of effectiveness
  • Empowers staff through an environment of open communication to share their ideas and unique/different perspectives with management
  • Fosters a corporate culture that encourages innovation, adaptability and learning, and growth in others
  • Develops and implements ideas, products or solutions to achieve goals
  • Makes appropriate hires and corporate affiliations that reflect both our commitment to providing top quality health care and an adherence to our performance standard philosophy
  • Effectively adjusts behaviour and modifies strategies when confronted with changing, uncertain or unstructured situations
  • Distinguishes between good and poor performance and acts accordingly
  • Health care outcomes: We work to ensure that standards learned from the clinical guidelines and other areas of health care theory find their way into our practice to the benefit of our clients and other stakeholders.
  • Works with clients and care givers to ensure that clients maximize the benefit of their medication therapy recognizing the limitations imposed by disease burden
  • Takes responsibility for medication errors and near misses and investigates the root causes to ensure that type of error or near miss does not recur
  • Works with those clients negatively affected by their medications whether through adverse side effects or errors to restore client confidence and health status
  • Maintains the clinical competency of our staff through revision of clinical guidelines and continuing education

Customer Service: We recognize that we have more customers that require and deserve a high level of customer service than simply those clients for whom we provide medications.

  • Assumes ownership and responsibility for the needs of the customer
  • Works with the customer to provide solutions to any challenges they encounter with our pharmacy service package within realistic time frames
  • Adapts style to the situation and the person
  • Makes effective decisions, balancing organizational needs and customer needs
  • Respects the privacy of the client

Accessibility: While retail pharmacy is a for profit business, we work to maintain the spirit of the Canadian health care system whereby ability to pay should not be the sole determining factor in the ability of the client to access the latest innovations in medication management systems.

  • Provides the client all non-medication prescription related services (e.g. labelled packets, medication alarms, colour photo on MAR sheets, packaging of OTC medications, etc.) free of charge

Sustainability: We are committed to contributing to and being a part of sustainable communities through recognizing that society, the economy and the environment are inextricably linked.

  • Implements new technology that decreases waste, pollution and our carbon footprint as that technology becomes available
  • Affects changes to workflow that reduces the impact of Precise Pharmacy on the environment
  • Contributes to the well-being of society by supporting community based non-governmental organizations
  • Contributes to the economy not only by being a profitable business, but also by being committed to employing people in our community.

Team Orientation: We work to foster an effective teamwork environment in both our internal team (i.e. Precise Pharmacy staff) and our external teams (i.e. as a partner of the health care team at the facility).

  • Facilitates and encourages two-way communication regarding responsibilities, expectations, goals and performance
  • Utilizes skills and abilities of team members effectively
  • Provides an environment of motivation
  • Recognizes and manages conflict effectively
  • Trains and coaches towards full performance