Facility Services

We offer a number of services for care facilities.

Bringing the Pharmacy into the Home

Whether a client is living “in care” or independently, the clinical pharmacist at Precise Pharmacy will consult with the clients and or caregivers in the comfort of their own home. The pharmacy team has the ability to bring the entire client prescription profile history with them that will allow clients to view their medication profile.

Clinical Pharmacist

The role of our clinical pharmacist is to assist the health care team at your facility to ensure your clients receive the highest possible quality of pharmaceutical care.

Listed below are some of the functions of the clinical pharmacist:

  • To optimize pharmaceutical care for your clients, the clinical pharmacist will meet with the client and review their medication profile. The clinical pharmacist will make suggestions to the attending physician when medications should be changed. These medication reviews are performed when the client is admitted to your facility and on a regular basis (i.e. quarterly or biannually) as their needs require.
  • Interpreting laboratory results and other health information received from the various physicians servicing your clients and make recommendations for their drug therapy and general care that will improve their response to therapy.
  • Cost saving by monitoring clients’ prescription medications and changing therapy when generic medications become available.
  • Working with staff and clients to ensure that the clients make full use of their medications (e.g. puffers, patches, and eye drops).
  • Working with your clients to monitor their use of over-the-counter (OTC) products in terms of choice, dosage and cost saving.
  • Providing guidelines for the appropriate use of a specified list of OTC medications, often called the “House Meds” by the caregivers.
  • Sitting on committees involved with client care.
  • Screening for contraindications such as drug-drug, drug-disease, drug-food interactions, allergies and appropriate dosing.
  • Ensuring that your clients get the medication that they require. The pharmacist will work with your clients and their physician(s) to ensure that medications requiring special authorization are processed in a timely manner. For those cases where there will be a delay before authorization of the “exemption status” medications, Precise Pharmacy will provide the medications to your clients and work with the appropriate government department to ensure appropriate backdating so that your clients are not billed for this medication.

Other Facility Related Support

Precise Pharmacy staff will work with the facility staff to ensure all aspects of the working relationship between the pharmacy and the facility function smoothly. The services provided by Precise Pharmacy that make this possible include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Assisting the facility staff with medication audits
  • Providing training and education for Unregulated Care Providers
  • Access to pharmacy reports that detail data about all aspects of medication usage
  • Working with facility staff to determine the root cause of any medication error and implementing solutions that work to decrease errors in the future
  • Accounting services for efficient delivery of monthly statements and bill payment
  • Free delivery of medications and other items to and from the facility

Facility Related Medication Support

For all prescription related activities including, but not limited to new prescriptions, changes to existing prescriptions and discontinuation of current prescriptions, Precise Pharmacy works with the facility staff to ensure that a seamless process results in the correct medication being provided as soon as possible to the facility.

The medication itself is packaged using the compliance packaging system that can accommodate all solid dosage forms in a single medication strip that clearly identifies all necessary dosing related information. In addition, the compliance packaging system can accommodate the packaging of non-prescription medication and irregular dosing schedules (e.g. alternating day warfarin or tapering of steroid medication) all in the same medication strip.

To ensure the provision of medication to clients is the most time efficient and error free process possible, Precise Pharmacy provides the facility with all the necessary forms (e.g. MAR sheets, narcotic recording sheets), hardware (e.g. medication carts, stat boxes, medication return and sharps containers) and a comprehensive policy and procedure manual.

Client Related Medication Support

Precise Pharmacy is committed to working as a partner with both the facility and the clients in care. To that end, we provide the facility with an easy to complete form that ensures the pharmacy receives all the necessary client information along with the necessary prescriptions to begin servicing the client’s medication needs as soon as possible. Precise Pharmacy also provides the facility with an easy to complete form that manages any changes to client information as it occurs. For all client information transmitted by the above-mentioned forms or by any other means, that information is keep in the strictest of confidence to maintain the privacy of the client.

For clients who want to administer their own medication or who travel away from the facility on occasion, Precise Pharmacy provides the same compliance packaging system through the use of a dispenser box. This dispenser box can be ordered simply by contacting the pharmacy.